Becoming a Partner

The Marin Pro Bono Network is a collaborative made up of legal services organizations in Marin County that allows us to bring high-quality, life-changing legal services to communities in need. The founding legal services organizations of the Network, Canal Alliance and Legal Aid of Marin, are eager to welcome new collaborators to join us as legal services or pro bono partners.

  • Legal services partners: Nonprofit organizations that serve Marin County
  • Pro bono partners: Law firms, corporations, or law schools that want to help serve Marin County

Below, learn more the various benefits of getting involved in the Network. Then head over to our Get Involved page to sign up!

What it means to join the Network as a...


legal services partner

Joining the Marin Pro Bono Network as a legal services partner offers a plethora of benefits for your organization's pro bono program, allowing you to serve even more clients in need. 

As a legal services partner, you will have access to: 

  • Information and teachings on pro bono best practices
  • Relevant online Pro Bono Training Institute trainings for volunteers
  • A shared pool of pro bono volunteers from large corporations, law schools, and law firms in San Francisco as well as Marin County who are deeply committed to serving your clients
  • Communications materials for pro bono programming
  • Uniform data collection across the Network to help demonstrate the positive impact of pro bono programming for your clients
  • The support of two Network Coordinator staff.
  • An opportunity to be part of an innovative, unique and highly impactful service delivery model to better serve your clients.

pro bono partner

Joining the Marin Pro Bono Network as a pro bono partner offers your law firm, corporation or law school a range of limited scope and full scope pro bono volunteer opportunities in various legal subject matters as well as comprehensive support and time- efficient yet effective trainings. 

As a pro bono supporter, you and your volunteers will have access to:

  • A range of limited-scope and full-scope pro bono volunteer opportunities in multiple legal subject matters.
  • Online and in-person training materials, ensuring a more time-efficient yet comprehensive training process.
  • High-quality, hands-on expert legal supervision.
  • Seamless volunteer and client coordination, managed by the Marin Pro Bono Network Coordinators. 
  • The chance to increase access to justice for Marin County's low-income communities in need.